Mary Sackett for Supervisor: Endorsed by the Marin Independent Journal!

"Sackett doesn’t come across as a flashy or ambitious politician. Instead, she’s studied, diligent and focused on solving local problems. ... From a practical standpoint, Sackett knows the Civic Center, its varied responsibilities, its staff and its politics. Her learning curve would not be as great as it would be for her opponents." -May 11, 2022

Learn More About Mary Sackett

Spend enough time at County offices in Marin, and you’ll hear a common refrain: “Ask Mary.”

Mary Sackett has developed a well-earned reputation as one of Marin County’s most knowledgeable and capable public servants. Elected County Supervisor in June 2022, Sackett can point to every roadway prone to flooding, every flood station keeping our community dry, and every traffic hot spot that needs attention. She knows the leaders of each neighborhood in the district, and she has their respect as someone who will answer their calls, and stick with them until a solution is achieved. She reaches out to invite people to the table.

Mary is a proactive problem solver focused on helping people and breaking through the red tape to get things done for the people of Marin County. It’s with this focus on service and action that she delivers solutions for District 1.

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