Elected Community Leaders

Marin County Supervisor Damon Connolly
Marin County Supervisor Judy Arnold
Marin County Supervisor Katie Rice
Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni
Former Marin County Supervisor Kate Sears
San Rafael City Council Rachel Kertz
San Rafael City Councilmember Maika Llorens Gulati
Former San Rafael Vice Mayor Andrew McCullough
Former California Assembly Member Bill Bagley
Marin County Board of Education Member Felicia Agrelius
President of Miller Creek School Board Alissa Chacko
Former San Rafael Mayor Al Boro
Marin County District Attorney Lori Frugoli
Marin County Assistant District Attorney Otis Bruce
Marin Municipal Water District Board Member Cynthia Koehler
Marin Municipal Water District Director Monty Schmitt
Miller Creek School Board Trustee Brooks Nguyen
Miller Creek School Board Trustee Meghan Hutchinson
President of the Marin County Board of Education* Patty Garbarino

Former Miller Creek School Board Trustee Mark Schott
San Anselmo Town Council Brian Colbert
Fairfax Town Councilmember Renee Goddard
Vice Mayor Town of San Anselmo Steve Burdo
College of Marin Trustee Phil Kranenburg
College of Marin Trustee Diana Conti
Marin County Planning Commissioner Don Dickenson
Ross Town Council Member Elizabeth Brekhus
Mill Valley City Council Member Max Perrey
San Rafael City Council Member Maika Llorens Gulati
Marin Municipal Water District Director Jack Gibson
Director of Marin Healthcare District Board Dr. Edward Alfrey
Former Corte Madera Town Council David Kunhardt
Former Mayor of Mill Valley Cliff Waldeck
Former Mayor of Mill Valley Dennis Fisco
Former Mayor of Larkspur Len Rifkind
Former San Rafael School Board Trustee Greg Knell 
District Manager at Marinwood CSD Eric Dreikosen



"Sackett doesn’t come across as a flashy or ambitious politician. Instead, she’s studied, diligent and focused on solving local problems. ... From a practical standpoint, Sackett knows the Civic Center, its varied responsibilities, its staff and its politics. Her learning curve would not be as great as it would be for her opponents." -Marin IJ Endorsement, May 11, 2022

Respected Community Voices

Adriana Hughes
Alice Tacheny

Anne Coyne, San Rafael Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (BPAC)*
Annie Bates
Annika Osborn
Antonina Markoff
Aref Ahmadia, Former Human Rights Commissioner Marin County*
Belle Cole, OFA Marin*
Bill McNicholas, Chairman of Cleanup Marinwood Plaza Now Oversight Committee*
Carole Mills
Catherine "CJ" Healy
Cesar Lagleva, Former Human Rights Commissioner Marin County*
Cecilia Zamora, Latino Council and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Marin*
Chris Choo
Chris Yalonis, President VenturePad*
Crystal Martinez, Marin Women's Commission*
Dan Monte
David Benin
Erica Providenza
Gustavo Gonçalves
Helen Abe
James Weber
Judith Schriebman
Dr. Jason Lau
Dr. John Maa, SF Marin Medical Society*
Jon Marker
John Rojas, former President of Mont Marin/San Rafael Park HOA*
Juliet Starrett
Kala Shah
Karl Dannecker, Owner CMS Rentals
Kate Powers
Kelly Starrett
Larry Minikes
Lawrie Mott, Chair of the Ride and Drive Clean Board*
Leigh Steffy
Leslie Alden, ED Drawdown Bay Area*
Leslie Weber
Linda Levey, Santa Venetia Neighborhood Association*
Lisa Poncia, Stemple Creek Ranch
Lorenzo Cordova
Luis Luciano
Marie Barnes
Marie Fisher
Marilyn Hendee
Marilyn Knecht
Matt White, Former Marin County Human Rights Commissioner*
Maura Prendiville
Maureen de Nieva-Marsh, Former Marin County Women's Commissioner*
Mee Mee Wong
Michael Billing, Lucas Valley Homeowners Association*
Michael Pritchard
Michael Taylor
Molly Todd
Nancy Vernon
Nicki and Matt Mullen
Pam Reaves
Paul Jensen, Retired Community Development Director - City Planner, City of San Rafael*
Peggy Butler
Perry Litchfield, Litchfield Construction
Ray Lorber
Reuel Brady, Former President of the Terra Linda Homeowners Association*
Rika Gopinath, At-Large Rep. of the Marin County Integrated Pest Management Commission*
Riley Hurd
Rob Purvis
Robin and Diego Norris
Ruth Carter, Chair, California Democratic Party Senior Caucus* and Chair, Database Committee of the Marin Democratic Party*
Sahana Jayaraman
Samantha Ramirez, Marin Women's Commission*
Sarah Paoli
Stephany Castro (Barahona)
Susannah Clark, Former Aide to Supervisor Connolly
Susannah Mrazek
Tad Jacobs
Tamra Peters
Teri Bleiweiss
Thomas Weathers, Attorney, The Law Offices of Thomas Eagle Weathers, P.C.*
Tni Newhoff
Vicki Nichols
Walt Spevak
Wendy Todd
Alexis Morgan, Madrone High School Teacher
Alfiya Nachtigall
Amy and Ken Probst
Andy Naja-Riese
Angus LaFemina, Former Youth Commissioner
Anne Marie Guglielmo
Annie Hartje, Formerly with Marin School of the Arts*
Barak Smith
Barry Sackett
Beth Arnese
Beth Danger Craig
Caren and Steve Gutierrez
Carla Condon
Carola Detrick
Cort Larned, 101 Surf Sports
Christopher Taylor, US Federal Probation Officer*
Dianne Bagley
Doreen Gounard
Edward Briggs
Emily Guglielmo
Emma Kraus
Grant & Kari Walters
Heather Woollen
Helmut Winhellobe
Hugh Murphy
Irene Emma
Jae Gruenke
Jeffrey Greendorfer
Jen Gauna
Jennifer Hale
Jim and Kelly Kennedy
John Monitto
Joyce Clements
Julia Reinhard
Kat Ryan
Katie McGee
Kim Hancher
Kim Powell
Kramer Herzog
Lauren Monson
Lee Ann Wise
Lucy Reid
Lynette Fenical, Realtor, Coldwell Banker*
Madeline Silva
Mari Dannecker
Marilyn Bagshaw
Mary Hanley
Mary Warner
Mary Wuerth
Maureen Parton, former aide to Supervisor Kate Sears
Melissa Monterrosa
Michelle Valverde Garcilazo, Former Marin County Childcare Commissioner*
Mike Dillingham
Mike Malik
Monib Khademi
N. Mauricio Reznik
Nadine Urciuoli, Helmuts Marine Service, Inc*
Nancy Hughes
Nathaniel Sawyer, Alternate, California Democratic Party Caucus*
Nicole Cibellis Andrews
Nicole Kowalski
Pamela Taylor, LCSW
Patti Bender
Resa Lee
Rhonda Kutter
Rick Savel
Ron Goldman, The Goldman Law Firm*
Sheehan Siegel
Shirley McGrath
Stacey Pogorzelski
Stan Green
Susan Robinson
Tasha Paras

* Title used for identification purposes only, and does not denote an organizational endorsement.

Do you support Mary Sackett for Marin County Supervisor? Add your name to the growing list of endorsers below!

Do you support Mary Sackett for Marin County Supervisor? Add your name to the growing list of endorsers below!